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Alien Lava Lamp UFO Groovy Motion Alien Lamp

  • Lava lamps may have been the fancy in parties in the 60s and 70s. Still, the current generation also seems to embrace it. You can use these colorful lava lamps for night lighting or position them in the living or bedroom as a decoration. A groovy motion lava lamp is an enticing addition to any room and will captivate your visitors and entertain or ignite a retro mood in the gathering or parties. Staring at the lava makes slow and systematic movements is the best way to clear your brain after a long day at work.  Alien Lava Lamp We're proud to offer the awesome and unique design of Alien Green Lava Lamp. This motion lava lamp lends a chill Retro vibe to any room, perfect lava lamps for bedrooms, or anywhere you want a funky ambiance. Enjoy the colorful motion of this Awesome Unique Design of the timeless Lava lamp. Good choice to impress your guests or a gift everyone will want and love. This groovy lava lamp is a great novelty gift for any occasion and any place in your home. This green lava lamp is a perfect addition to your alien stuff.


    • 13.5" tall
    • UFO Groovy Motion
    • AC Power Cord
    • Dimmer Switch
    • Alien Green
    • White box



Package Weight

2.8 lb